Cash Cow Consulting

Seminars and Consulting for Professional Gamblers



Cash Cow Consulting offers seminars and consulting services to professional gamblers. Cash Cow has played on several blackjack teams, including the one he currently manages, the Immortals. He has been a profitable professional gambler for over 10 years, and has been featured on the radio show “Gambling With an Edge.”

We offer training seminars for those wishing to gamble with a legal advantage. These include basic and advanced card counting, blackjack variants, tracking, video poker and slot play, and other methods. The seminars will give you live training in a simulated casino environment, as well as the opportunity to meet other professionals and aspiring APs.

We offer consulting services to blackjack teams. These including training, evaluation of players, and operations management consulting. We also assist startups in evaluating their business model, choice of entity, and tax considerations.

We do not do business with anyone who works for casinos. You are not welcome to attend our seminars. Do not try to attend, gain access to, or infiltrate them. Unless you like jail. Look up “wire fraud.”