Cash Cow Consulting offers seminars and consulting services to professional gamblers. Cash Cow (AKA moo321 and other handles) has been a profitable professional gambler for 10 years, including playing on and operating several profitable blackjack teams. Cash Cow has been featured on the radio show “Gambling With an Edge.”

We offer training seminars for those wishing to gamble with a legal advantage. These include basic and advanced card counting, blackjack variants, tracking, video poker and slot play, and other methods. The seminars will give you live training in a simulated casino environment, as well as the opportunity to meet other professionals and aspiring APs. Previous attendees have stated that the networking and “talking shop” with other APs was worth as much as the training.

Running a blackjack team is nothing like playing blackjack on your own (trust me, I’ve done it). We offer training and management consulting for blackjack teams. These include design, training, and stress testing of casino operations, as well as business plan design, and information on areas like choice of business entity and taxes.

We do not do business with casino employees and consultants who are executives, table games supervisors, pit bosses, game protection, surveillance or any other operations management role. Do not contact us. You are not welcome to attend our seminars, do not try to attend, gain access to, or infiltrate them. Unless you like jail.