Should You Take A Class?

Check out our blog post on the Purpose of Training

If you believe you would be a good student, then consider whether signing up for a class is good for you.

Our Classes Are Not For Everyone

Anyone who does not want to be a good student, listen carefully with an open mind, and do the drills, should not come to a class. You will waste our time and piss off your classmates.

If you are primarily looking for a few quick shortcuts to success, you may be disappointed. There are a few shortcuts, and we share them. But most of what we teach is how to master the basics, because that’s what gets the money.

We want people that will benefit from our classes, and recommend them to their friends, not people who will be frustrated and fail to learn.

Our Unique Approach

There are other schools teaching card counting. We recommend that you try them in addition to our school (especially Blackjack Apprenticeship, who is not paying me to recommend them). You heard that right, we recommend our competition.

Other schools will tend to teach theory, and then give practical playing advice. These are valuable things to learn, which is why we also teach them. However, we don’t believe this is enough to get most players over the hump to becoming professional level players. Experience has taught us that an intense focus on skill mastery is critical to success.

We Emphasize Skill Mastery

We don’t want to train you until you could be successful, we want to train you until we’re sure  you will be successful if you practice on your own. We teach you the exact same way that we do things ourselves, with our own money.

We use a skill mastery approach because counting cards at a professional level is complex. In a loud, hostile environment, you have to

  1. Play basic strategy
  2. Keep the running count
  3. Turn your running count into true count many times
  4. Decide how much to bet
  5. Decide when to take insurance and make play deviations
  6. Get away with it

We do not claim to teach you how to do this in a weekend. We cannot teach you how to do this at all. We can only train you on the skills you need to develop, and how to practice those skills. You must make yourself into a professional.

We previously offered classes teaching all of this in a single weekend, and the pace simply did not work for many players. Now, we break steps 1-5 into two different classes, and step 6 is a completely separate class (and the most important class for aspiring professionals). This slower pace allows us to focus much more intensely on the material, and get in-depth coverage of the actual drills you should do to master each section.

We Teach Advanced Classes

In addition to the foundational classes on card counting, we offer upper-level classes to those who have already developed significant skills. We offer classes on tracking, blackjack variants, heat and cover (the most important class for a professional), video poker, slots, comps, and many things we won’t even mention in public.

As far as we know, we are the only school offering any training on these advanced classes. Speaking from experience, we know that it is far easier to learn a skill from someone who has done it, than trying to figure it out from books. Our skill-based approach, combined with practical advice from people who have done it in a casino, will shorten the learning curve for any professional looking to add moves to their arsenal, and for those looking to move from other professions into advantage gambling.

The advanced classes are aimed at well-bankrolled, professional-level players.They are expensive, and we want to teach people with the skills and bankroll to earn back many times what we charge.

Can’t I Learn This On My Own?

Yes. How do you think we learned it? If you take hundreds of hours to read books, cruise internet forums, practice, run simulations, meet up with professionals, and play in casinos, you can learn most of what we teach in our classes. We offer a much shorter learning curve for people who wish to pay for expertise.

Why Do You Charge So Much For Advanced Classes?

We are the only ones offering them. James Grosjean ain’t teaching the moves. We can make $200+ an hour doing other things. We are creating competition for ourselves. The target market is small. The information is worth more than we charge. We would gladly pay these prices for similar expertise.

Most importantly, we want good students who value the information. Good students learn the material, earn the money, and recommend us to others. They also protect the information we give them.


If you are looking to get out of debt with card counting, do not come to a class. We would recommend waiting until you have a bankroll of at least $5000 in addition to the cost of the class to try our basic classes, and $20,000 in addition to the cost of the class for the advanced classes. You’ll have trouble recouping the cost of the classes without some capital to play on.