Authorities Favor Casinos

Introduction In my previous post, I challenged the idea that casinos do not cheat. They do. Regulators generally do not care. It gets worse. Authorities, such as police officers and prosecutors, often favor casinos. This post describes some ways that the authorities treat players unfairly, or even assist casinos in illegal, immoral, or nefarious activity. Casinos … More Authorities Favor Casinos

Cheating Methods: Preferential Shuffles

Introduction In my previous post, I discussed the reality of casino cheating. The reality is that casinos often do things that we, as players, would be punished for doing. This post exposes one of the allegedly legal methods that casinos can use to cheat their players: preferential shuffling. The House Advantage The house advantage in … More Cheating Methods: Preferential Shuffles

Guess What…Casinos Cheat!

Introduction I constantly hear APs tell me the standard opinion that “casinos are heavily regulated, they would never think of cheating.” Here’s how the reasoning goes: Casino licenses are valuable Casinos have regulators constantly scrutinizing their every move Therefore, the cost of being caught cheating is higher than the gain from cheating Therefore, casinos don’t … More Guess What…Casinos Cheat!