Speaking Ill Of The Dead

The memory of the righteous is blessed, But the name of the wicked will rot.

(Proverbs 10:7)

Good Riddance

Bob Griffin, one of the founders of Griffin Investigations, died back in October, and no one even noticed for a month:

“Griffin died Oct. 9 at age 88, but his passing received scant attention. His fourth wife didn’t do an obituary. But Beverly, his third wife, reached out to me, thinking he deserved attention as a trailblazer in Las Vegas’ gaming reaching back to the Howard Hughes era.”

How fitting for a worthless, lying sack of crap like Griffin! This man routinely engaged in dishonesty, slander, and, according to reports, gave misleading testimony in criminal trials of legal advantage players.

Imagine what it would be like to be on trial for the crime of cheating. To have your freedom threatened for doing something perfectly legal. You try to explain the situation to a jury of laymen, and all of a sudden they trot out an “expert” like Griffin, who proceeds to mislead them into thinking what you did was cheating. All so he could score some brownie points with his clients.

It would be nice if the press did a better job of telling the truth about these scumbags:

“An Associated Press article in 1984 began, “To its many enemies, Griffin Investigations is the ‘unofficial gestapo’ of the casino industry, but to his clients, Bob Griffin is vital to protecting the integrity of casino gambling.””

I am literally laughing out loud at the thought that casino gambling has “integrity” and that Griffin was somehow protecting it. Ken Uston tried to protect the integrity of casino gambling with his lawsuits… Griffin was trying to make get rich off of slander and fear mongering.

Whitewashing The “White Hats”

“[Beverly] remembered how Griffin was once offered double his salary to look the other way when he was in law enforcement and in the early days of their business. He refused.

“We were always the good guys with the white hats,” she said.”

This is rich. Griffin was forced into bankruptcy due to the dishonest claims in their idiotic “Griffin Book.” They slandered honest people, and never did a damn thing about their cheating clients (casinos).

At least there’s some funny stories to tell:

“Once Griffin saw a man gambling in a wheelchair, a position where he could see the dealer’s cards. Griffin remembered seeing the same man gambling a few days earlier, only this time he was standing up. He called the security boss. When the man in the wheelchair was approached, miracle of miracles, he leaped up and ran, only to be caught by Griffin.”

The way I heard the story, someone shouted “It’s a Christmas miracle.”

Don’t Kill The Messenger

I don’t hate this reporter. It appears that most of her article is based on an interview with Beverly, and perhaps some basic research. She’s just trying to cover the passing of a marginally noteworthy local person. But it would be nice if reporters told the truth about these scumbags… and if we could ride unicorns around.

Until then, let’s celebrate the passing of an awful man. I genuinely hope he came to repentance, because only God could forgive a shithead like Bob Griffin.

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